The Office of SUCEAVA Attorneys at Law offers general and business legal counseling to their Clients and Beneficiary Partners.

The attorneys and business advisers of this Office offer counseling in fields of activity auxiliary to the judicial activity.

The SUCEAVA Attorneys at Law partners have practiced law with established and well recognized Romanian trade institutions and law firms, providing the expertise, professionalism, and high quality legal services that clients expect their legal counsel to render.

With us, you will gain our problem-solving, business-oriented approach and evaluations of the entire range of possible solutions, including business alternatives, negotiated solutions, government involvement and, if necessary, the most appropriate type of litigation.

Your business disputes will be targeted with the most effective and efficient techniques in order to solve the conflict, to your satisfaction. We naturally closely cooperate with professionals that could offer qualified help: notaries, technical experts, accounting experts or financial advisors. The purpose of this website is, as far sa we are concerned, an alternative to our practice by concluding contracts of legal assistance online / at distance.
¨The legal services we provide through are included in the notion of office work which is easily done & delivered by computer (in which case we start from the minimal fee).¨ It is adressed to those who are involved in judicial affairs in Suceava, Botosani, Neamt and reside elsewhere in Romania or abroad.